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MiG Calendar
MiG Calendar is a Java component that you can add to your projects with ease. It is runtime royalty free and will reduce development cost by thousands of dollars compared to building this functionality from scratch. MiG Calendar has been on Component Source's Top10 best selling list for the whole of 2006.
MiG Calendar Product Site
Demo Application

MiG Layout
MiG Layout is a free and Open Source layout manager for SWT and Swing. It is extremely flexible and has the combined functionality of all Swing Layout Managers, JGoodies FormLayout and TableLayout. It is using string constraints to format the layout and is therefore extra suited for manually coded layouts and XUL implementations.
MiG Layout Product Site
Swing Demo Application (All Platforms. Requires Java 1.4)
SWT Demo Application (Windows only. Requires Java 1.4 and full permissions)

MiG Base64
MiG Base64 is the fastest Base64 coder and decoder available for Java. It is at least 10 times faster that the standard Java implementation provided by the JDK. MiG Base64 is free and Open Source (BSD).
MiG Base64 Product Site (Source Forge)